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The Artist

Recently, Robyn has become a brain tumor and multi-cancer survivor.
Any proceeds from your purchase help the artist with ongoing medical needs.

My journey into creating fine art started at the age of five. I would create
little picture booklets made of half-inch white pieces of paper bound
with one staple. I drew tiny images on the individual pages with a pencil,
glued one penny to the cover and gave them to people as gifts.

Growing up on a farm, my drawings were of animals or nature.
Even at that early age, I found that I was able to realistically
draw the things I saw. Today I still have a deep love of animals, and
paint Pets in Art in various interesting styles.

In addition to the Pets in Art, I have always enjoyed
photographing and painting places that I have visited.
Someday I wish to paint beach scenes on an island by the sea.

For more information and to see more of my work, please visit the websites below.


Robyn Saunders

Pop Art

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